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2 Seasons

57 Episodes

“Bahar” is the story of Najat Bahar, a young widow with two children. Her mother abandoned her when she was eight, and Bahar later lost her grandparents as well. While feeling lonely, she meets Sarp, whom she falls madly in love with. After a few years of being happily together, Bahar also loses her husband, leaving her with only two things to hold on to life: her children, Nissan and Dorok. Together, you can turn life into a game, poverty into joy and absence into joy. She believes that when one smiles on one's face, the heart also responds with a smile. Her biggest helper in facing all the challenges of life, is the great love she had with her late husband Sarp. She talks to him about all her problems, and remembers her days together in every moment of her life.
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