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Biye Bhanga Haru

202240m 8sRomantic Drama

Harunuzzam aka Haru, live with his mother in a colony in Kushtia. Even though he has finished his BA, he does not like any job that comes his way, however, we cannot say he is just sitting around either. Haru has found himself in the divorce business and that is where he got his nickname, Haru. The people who come into his chamber and usually ones that have been forced to get married with someone else rather than the person they love. With a simple exchange of money he grants thw wishes of couples who want to break off the marriage. However, they must prove the love they have for each other. Kotha, the daughter of the chairman of haripur has found herself in a similar situation, which only Haru can help with. She is being married of to a man who she feels no love for. To help her break away from the situation, her friend Shapla comes running with the news of Haru. Carefully, they run to his chamber to ask him for his help. Amidst the chaos, the groom's side figures out what is happening while the chairman of haripur tries to figure out why his daughter has broken off the marriage. With thorough speculation, he comes to the conclusion that his daughter is in love with Haru, even though they have never met each other before. The chairman sends his men to punish the man responsible for the destruction of her marriage. The news travels to Kotha's ears and she runs to his rescue, saying something that shocked everyone there.