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The Shoe Box

202239m 41sThirller Drama

Rizwan, a 27 year old executive working at bank. He lives in a small apartment in Dhaka and has a girlfriend named Uzma. They both want to get married someday but do not have that kind of money yet. Uzma always pushes Rizwan to get a promotion so they can finally get married and live in a big apartment. One day, Rizwan had ordered a pair of formal shoes for his job. When the package arrived, no one was home so the house help had recieved it. After the couple had returned home, he opened the box only to find a big stash of drugs. He paniced and went to call customer care, before he said anything Uzma stopped him and said they could sell this to a buyer and earn alot of money. Meanwhile, a drug dealer, got the box without the drugs and sent his goons to retrieve them.