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Hrid Majhare

Hrid Majhare

3 Seasons

18 Episodes

Journalist Neela has harbored affection for Dr. Imran, the country's top heart surgeon, since childhood. However, Imran, driven by a pursuit of fame, appears oblivious to Neela's love, erecting an invisible barrier between them. As Imran's connection with Faria, a new doctor at the hospital, intensifies, Neela finds it unbearable and falls into a tragic trap. Due to Neela's error, Dr. Imran faces an accusation of causing the death of an innocent child. Will Neela, blinded by love, manage to rescue Imran? Original Drama Series Hrid Majhare. Starring Shamol Mawla, Nazia Haque Orsha, Abu Hurayra Tanvir and Aisha Khan
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